• The shot must touch or be close to the neck, under the jaw or front of the ear at beginning of the throw
• The shot cannot be dropped down or pulled back from the starting position – it must be pushed forwards
• The shot cannot be taken behind the line of the shoulders
• The hand cannot be dropped below the neck/chin position during the throw
• A foul occurs when:
Shot is held away from the neck at beginning of the throw
The hand is dropped or pulled back before the forward push
The hand is taken behind the line of the shoulder
If the shot lands outside of the sector (the point of impact of the shot must be completely within the
inner edge of the sector lines
If the competitor walks out the front half of the circle
If the competitor walks out of the circle before the shot has landed

• Athletes can enter the circle from any direction, but they must leave from the rear half of the circle
• Athletes cannot leave the circle until the shot has landed on the ground

• Encourage athletes to start with basic standing technique
• Hold shot at the base of fingers (not in the palm of hand)
• Thumb and little finger should be at each side of the shot
• Keep shot close to or touching neck – think clean palm, dirty neck
• Keep elbow high
• Push the shot up (not towards the ground) – look to where you want shot to travel
• Start with knees bent and side on
• Put weight on back leg with hand not holding the shot putting to where the shot will go
• Finish with chest and head up (not bowing head after the throw)
• Do not ‘throw’ the shot – push it
• As athletes progress, start stand with weight over the back foot and think chin/knee/toe so those three body
parts are all in line.
• Bend knees at the start and push with the legs when throwing
• The non-throwing arm should be relaxed
• From this position, the movement is started by the back leg pushing the hip that is towards the back of the
circle to the front
• Weight is transferred from the back leg to the front leg. The throwing arm comes forward and up
• The elbow must stay behind the shot
• Punch/push the shot up, keeping the elbow high
• The shoulder should not drop during any part of the movement 

• Use tennis balls or beanbags instead of shots
• Practice throwing from a cone
• Practice throwing up at a set point (tree, cloud)
• Throw facing towards arc (encourage elbow up and push out)