Portmarnock Fit4Life was established in January 2013. The aim was to get people running 5 km within 8 weeks. We have done that every January since and people have continued running throughout the year. The Fit4Life group is presently coached by Niamh O'Dwyer and Susan O'Leary. 

We meet Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm at the PSLC sports grounds every week in all weather conditions.  We are a group who run socially every week to keep fit and healthy all in a fun and friendly athmosphere.

Monday Sessions

We generally do some speed and endurance training at different levels to suit your ability for example some people will do 4 x 200 m hills and others can get 6/8 x 200 m hills done at the same session all depending what you feel able to do. 

Wednesday Sessions

We typically go for a long run for example we might set a route to Malahide and you can run as far as you are capable and back to the centre for about 7.55.  The aim is to reach up to 10 K over time.

At the weekend some people enjoy doing the 5 k parkrun at Malahide castle and we occassionally meet up on Sunday mornings at 9am for a run, depending on what you are personnally training for.   Some of our group have reached goals of taking part in 5 k or 10 k races, some have completed half marathons and the beauty of the club is you can move to the senior group for further training if necessary.

So to join our group you can come along to any session give it a try and then join the PAC club.  If you are a complete beginner we do the beginners 8 week course every January.